Retaining Wall Contractors Adelaide

RWi build retaining walls!

RWi build retaining walls!

The Retaining Wall Contractors in Adelaide You Can Trust

Our retaining wall contractors in Adelaide can level out a sloping block to create a more practical and usable space. We can also use our expertise to separate different aspects of your garden, making your outdoors more appealing. Retaining walls are a must-have for most houses in Adelaide since there are many sloping blocks.

Retaining Wall Industries has been building quality and reliable retaining walls since 1992. Our experience and expertise have earned us a place as the most trusted retaining wall business in Adelaide.

We specialise in large commercial and domestic retaining wall construction. You can trust us to handle multiple complex projects since we have well-maintained equipment and 28 staff members. Please engage our contractors for quality work.

Retaining Wall Contractors Adelaide
Retaining Wall Contractors Adelaide

Highly Experienced Retaining Wall Contractors in Adelaide

With experience in all types of retaining walls, our Adelaide contractors have become the go-to team for quality projects. We have expertise in different areas, including;

  • Large wall construction
  • Difficult sites and applications
  • Boundary wall and fence combinations
  • Larger slopes to the front and rear of homes
  • Alternatives where rock is an issue for piers
  • Emergencies when you need the project completed within a time frame
  • Joint wall applications and neighbour negotiations

At Retaining Wall Industries, we understand that construction can be overwhelming. So, our team will help you with the planning and approvals of your retaining wall. We will help you with council approvals, project engineering, site surveys, site contour plans, and homeowners warranty insurance. Our team can help you with subdivisions, highway and road retention, high mass retention, shopping centres and apartment complexes, and sea walls if you are in the commercial sector.

Reasons to Choose Our Retaining Wall Contractors in Adelaide

Are you looking for reliable retaining wall contractors in Adelaide? Look no further than Retaining Wall Industries. Our contractors have been in the industry for over 35 years, meaning they can handle any project regardless of size or complexity. We also use the latest equipment that enables us to complete your job within your timeframe and budget. Besides the equipment, we use superior quality materials to build a retaining wall that will stand the test of time.
At Retaining Wall Industries, our pricing tenders include;

  • On-Site Inspections
  • Direct Client Communication
  • Allocated Consultant / Estimator
  • Allocated Site Manager
  • Total access to all costing /project management /construction personnel
  • Specialists in suggesting non-conforming price-saving options

We are also the first retaining wall builder in Adelaide to offer quality assurance certification. One of our highly skilled supervisors will inspect your project and provide you with a signed copy of the inspection plan and a 15-year structural guarantee.

Retaining Wall Contractors Adelaide

Do not hesitate to contact our retaining wall contractors in Adelaide to begin your project.

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