Rock Walls Adelaide (Moss Rock)

RWi build retaining walls!

RWi build retaining walls!

Improve Your Property with Our Rock Walls in Adelaide

Retaining Wall Industries has operated since 1992, landscaping and building rock walls, including moss rock, in Adelaide. We offer personalised services and ensure we work with you to achieve your desired look. Our team specialises in large commercial and domestic retaining wall construction. We have a team of 28 highly qualified and experienced staff members capable of working on large-scale projects. We also use the latest equipment and technology to complete your work efficiently. For these reasons, we have become the go-to company for Adelaide’s leading civil contractors and builders;

Our skilled workforce holds industry-required accreditations and certifications, including;

  • Company and Supervisor Builders Licences
  • Company JSA’s (Job Safety Analysis)
  • Safe Work Method and Environmental Statements (S.W.M.E.S)

Domestic and commercial clients enjoy similar satisfaction in knowing that their projects are in the hands of highly skilled people with the best equipment. Please talk to us today to begin your landscaping journey.

Rock Walls Adelaide (moss rock)
Rock Walls Adelaide (moss rock)

Work with Rock Wall Specialists in Adelaide

Retaining Wall Industries is renowned for its quality workmanship and commitment to excellence. We assure you that we will offer the best services at affordable prices, whether your rock walls or moss rock project is a large commercial or residential site in Adelaide. Sloping building sites can present challenges like runoff and erosion. You may also find it difficult to find ways to utilise this property. A retaining wall can provide more level planting and recreation areas. Our team is experienced in constructing different retaining walls, and most people find moss rock ideal for its beauty, longevity, and stackability.

Our team can recommend and design a moss rock retaining wall that will fit your requirements. We use the most superior quality materials available and guarantee that we will not be beaten on price. At Retaining Wall Industries, we gave skilled estimators to price our projects competitively with no intention of winning.

Contact Us for Rock Walls and Moss Rock Projects in Adelaide

Our high-quality rock walls are an excellent choice for any landscaping job in Adelaide. Besides the beauty, the wall is durable, providing you with the assurance that it will withstand the most extreme conditions. Our team has a wealth of knowledge to assist you in your retaining wall project. We also conduct an inspection and test plan on every wall we build to ensure it meets your requirements. Our skilled supervisor will assess the project to ensure the work meets RWI’s highest quality control standards. We will give you a signed copy of the inspection plan and your 15-year structural guarantee once you are satisfied with the project.

We have also introduced Independent Certification for your project if ordered. We can organise an independent certifier to attend your project during construction for a site inspection. The builder certifier will provide you with a signed certificate after inspection. The certificate states that the retaining wall has been built per the engineer’s specifications.

Rock Walls Adelaide (moss rock)

Please get in touch with us to know more about how we can construct your rock walls.

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