Sleeper Retaining Wall Adelaide

RWi build retaining walls!

RWi build retaining walls!

The Leading Sleeper Retaining Wall Specialists in Adelaide

Retaining Wall Industries use the highest quality materials to construct sleeper retaining walls for your Adelaide property. We have 28 staff in our team ready to tackle any project that comes their way. Retaining Wall Industries has five highly experienced crews, and eight Drill rigs able to produce large volume works through the most challenging conditions. The company is fully insured, and all supervisors have a builder’s license. You can claim on our insurance if your property gets damaged while we work.

We provide our services to commercial and residential clients, offering the same satisfaction of knowing that their work is in professional hands. Besides our skills, we use the best and latest equipment to ensure your work goes beyond industry standards. We back our work with Job Safety Analysis, Safe Work Method Statements, Plant logs, and our staff’s regular training.

Sleeper Retaining Wall Adelaide
Sleeper Retaining Wall Adelaide

Benefits of a Sleeper Retaining Wall in Adelaide

Retaining walls and landscaping go hand in hand. A retaining wall is a structure made of rocks, concrete blocks or other materials to help maintain the soil in your garden. Sleeper retaining walls use wooden or concrete planks (built for use in railroad tracks) to form the structure of a retaining wall. Our sleeper retaining walls in Adelaide have several benefits to your home or commercial space.

  • Increase Your Property’s Value
    Adding a sleeper retaining wall improves the overall aesthetics and property value. It is an effective way to add versatility to your space if you plan on selling.
  • Durable
    Sleeper retaining walls are made of concrete or durable timber that can withstand Adelaide’s harsh weather conditions. You will not spend money and time repairing or replacing your wall.
  • Prevent Erosion
    Extreme soil erosion will wash away your garden’s fertility, ruining your landscape. A sleeper retaining will reduce the chance of soil erosion and help keep your plants healthy.

Specialist in Commercial and Domestic Sleeper Retaining Walls in Adelaide

Are you planning to build a new home and need a retaining wall? Do you have a business and thinking of adding a sleeper retaining wall? The best time to fulfil your dream is now. Our team specialises in larger commercial and domestic retaining wall construction that meets your style and budget. Our excavators are big that they fit on the back of semi-trailers. This means we can handle multiple large, complex retaining wall projects without interruption.

We implement Quality Assurance processes and provide documentation supporting our work quality. This provides you with peace of mind, which is why we are the leaders in sleeper retaining walls in Adelaide. We also complete an inspection and test plan on every wall we build, regardless of the size of your project. Our skilled supervisor will only sign the approval once the project meets our quality control standards.

Sleeper Retaining Wall Adelaide

We offer a 15-year structural guarantee on every sleeper retaining wall we build in Adelaide. Please contact us today to see how we can help you.

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