Retaining Wall Builders Adelaide

RWi build retaining walls!

RWi build retaining walls!

The Ideal Retaining Wall Builders in Adelaide for Your Property

A retaining wall is a significant investment, which is why our Adelaide builders dedicate themselves to designing and building a structurally sound wall. We have various retaining wall styles that will make your wall stand out. Our business was established in 1992 and has evolved to become Adelaide’s leading retaining wall construction and consultant company. We have 28 staff on our team capable of tackling multiple large-scale projects. The team specialise in larger commercial and domestic retaining wall construction.

At Retaining Wall Industries, we use the highest-quality equipment. We have eight drill rigs, and our excavators are so big they fit on the back of semi-trailers. This equipment enables us to produce a large volume of work through the most challenging conditions. Our knowledge and capability to complete projects of the highest quality have made us the ideal choice for Adelaide’s leading builders and civil contractors.

Retaining Wall Builders Adelaide
Retaining Wall Builders Adelaide

Adelaide’s Retaining Wall Builders You Can Rely On

When you choose our retaining wall builders in Adelaide to complete your project, you can expect us to prioritise safety and quality. We know that a poorly constructed retaining wall will cost you money and degrade your property. Our team prides itself on quality work, so our domestic and commercial clients can relax knowing that their projects are in professional hands.

Our team at Retaining Wall Industries guarantee our work by backing it with Job Safety Analysis, Safe Work Method Statements, Plant Logs, and regular staff training. We also use the highest quality materials and offer a 15-year guarantee on our walls. This allows us to handle multiple large, complex retaining wall projects without interruption. Our team will provide documentation supporting our quality work for peace of mind. We are the first company to use this stringent quality assurance certification. This is why we are the ideal team to handle your retaining wall project.

Work with Skilled Retaining Wall Builders in Adelaide

If you want to improve your outdoor area, our retaining wall builders in Adelaide will transform your sloping block. Sloping blocks are challenging to keep them looking good. With a retaining wall, you’ll not only be adding a functional wall, but our team will ensure that it is visually appealing.

We know that most people think that building a retaining wall is expensive. However, Retaining Wall Industries offer affordable services, and we will not be beaten on price. Our skilled estimator will price all projects competitively. We can also organise for an independent certifier to attend your project for a site inspection. The certifier will give you a certificate stating your retaining wall has been built per the engineer’s specifications.

Retaining Wall Builders Adelaide

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